The word legend gets banded around far too often but this guy is a LEGEND. my mac hardrive corrupted at 23:30 on wednesday night. I had a gig (I DJ using a midi controller and a mac) less than 48 hours later, I rang him at 9am the following day and gave him the task to fix my mac within 36 hours. Not only did he come through, but also managed to save every scrap of data from the corrupted hard-drive and all for a very very reasonable price! I would RECOMMEND HIM TO EVERYONE!

(Roy – Leeds)

Fantastic Service. My iMac hard drive totally died on me, rang around lots of places across the UK for data recovery but prices were through the roof! Ended up bringing to Leeds and was given a great price, which included a new hard drive inside my iMac. Back up and running now with all my pictures and iTunes library restored. Such a big thank you. (:

(Phil – Ilkley)

Excellent, professional, and very reasonable service. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone with mac problems.

(Marc – Leeds).

Can’t speak highly enough of this place. Spent all day yesterday on the phone with various experts and ended up leaving a desperate message on the Mac repair leeds answer phone at 8pm. I got a call back 1 hour later! Arranged a visit for 8am this morning and my mac was fixed within 20 min. I would HIGHLY recommend this man and the company. thank you so much. If we had more professional people like this in the UK we would be back on top in no time. Also parking was easy and its in a very nice part of Leeds. Was also amazed with the price. Because the company is independent from Apple repair stores there able to offer at up to half the price!

(Bryan – Harrogate)

 Best place for Mac Repair in Yorkshire by far. Broke my macbook screen and was quoted big bucks from shop in town. Oh my god! this guy did the whole thing at a quarter of the price…. no lie! said Id give them a great review. So here it is. Thanks 

(Kelly – Leeds)

Mac repair ltd in Leeds was very helpful in fixing my iphone for me after the screen was broken, repairs was very fast and efficient, highly recommended.

(Peter – ASDA)